Here are some of the core ingredients used in our handmade confectionery


The taste of this superfruit is often described as a combination of lemon, mandarin and grapefruit.

Our yuzu is sourced from the Australian Alps in North East Victoria - how much more local can you get for this rare Japanese citrus!


Kinako is known as roasted soybean flour, is a product commonly used in Japanese cuisine. Kinako adds a warn nutty flavour to wagashi such as Yatsuhashi.

Adzuki beans

A core ingredient, our adzuki beans are Australian grown and create a fantastic sweet bean paste (an). There are two kinds of an-paste: Koshi-an which is smooth without the bean skin; and Tsubu-an which has the skin still in the paste and creates a fantastic texture.

White beans

We use white beans (navy or cannellini beans) for our smooth white bean paste.


This is a key component of products such as Nerikiri and Strawberry Daifuku


An amazing source of antioxidants, matcha (or green tea powder) is enjoying massive popularity around the world currently for its health benefits. Matcha used in Japanese tea ceremonies is traditionally paired with wagashi, so we have sourced some of the highest quality matcha from Kakegawa in Shizuoka. 

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